Marie Demonte
Marie Demonte

Passionate, Persevering, Competitor. Harcour reveals Marie’s impressions on the new competition jacket CELLA.


arcour set up an Ambassador Test Program.
All Harcour products are tried and tested by our equestrian riding ambassadors. By using this system we can certify our products, The views and feedback from the riders confirms to us the technicality and the longevity of all the products allowing us to sell, develop and produce for you with confidence.

CELLA product Focus
Interview Ambassador Test Program

You are a Harcour ambassadress, what was your motivation ? (ndlr : Marie is ambassadress since April 2016).

As all the women in this environment, I like everything to do with equestrian textiles. I very much like Harcour for its attention of the detail, and the technical quality of its products. This is why I have chosen Harcour to form a team of « French Grand National ».

What was your best result in which event this year ? Your objectives for 2017 ? (ndlr : Marie is horse rider of Jumping, Winner of the Cup of Nations in Brazil in 2012).

I am very proud and happy to have been 4th in the « French Grand National » of Barbaste (Pro Elite Grand Prize 1,50m). Next year, my young horses will compete as 8 year olds and my aim is train them on to eventually compete at the bigger level in the 1.50m classes.

What do you think about fabric’s Cella jacket ?

I was very surprised by the comfort of the jacket the first time I wore it. It is soft to the touch and I don’t perspire at all as the technical properties in the fabric allow breathability. Above all the fabric allows complete freedom of my movements – you hardly know you are wearing it.

What do you think about closure system of the jacket ?

Excellent. With the inner zipper which is hidden by the visible buttons you get good support for the breast and body and I think it gives overall a better silhouette of the rider.

Do you think the jacket is adapted for the practice of your sport ?

Yes totally ! It is my favorite jacket now for its great comfort and its elegance ! The fabric is great, it is so comfortable to wear... it is my first choice !

« Cella is my favorite jacket for its great comfort and its elegance. »

What was your first reaction when you discovered the new jacket Cella ?

I liked it a lot ! As soon as I tried the Cella I loved the design. The fabric is technical allowing maximum movement and breathability which is so important to us riders.

What do you think of the general look of the jacket, its cut and its details ?

The cut of the Cella is superb. For me, the jacket shouts sophisticated and feminine ! It is beautiful, elegant, slightly traditional but with that little extra discreet detailing around the collar with the small silvery edging making it very feminine. Harcour have thought of everything !

Any advice for your followers ?

Never give up, still continue. With the perseverance, we always arrive at our objectives.

Care AdviceSo easy, I wash inside out at 30°C on a slow spin. The Cella comes out uncreased, and I put it on a hanger to dry... Simple and very convenient for our busy lives.