Anna Szarzewski

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Anna is a young 11 years old rider and she is currently in grade 4. Anna had her first Shetland pony when she was 5 tears old. Today she rides every day after school at the stables of Meudon her 2 ponies.


Anna started riding very early, after she have had her first pony at 5 years old, then she had a B Travis pony she kept 1 year. She performs up to P Elite with him. She is trained by Jean Luc VERNON. Then Vaughann came into her life when she was 8 and a half and he was 6 years old. They started on the P3 and participated in their first Grand Prix where they finished 8th. Anna haves currently 2 ponies Vaughann de vuzit and Air Force One. Their goals is to regularly participate in Grand Prix and participate to the european pony championship.

Current top Horses

  • Vaughann de vuzit
  • Air force one


  • 2018
    • 2nd of the AS1 of Deauville
    • 3rd of the AS1 of Ozoir la Férriere
    • 2nd of the AS1 of Mantes la Jolie
  • 2017
    • 1st of the AS1 of Cluny
    • 3rd of the AS2D France Championship

Harcour product

« I really love the whole Harcour collection, the pants are great and the competition jackets are really beatiful. The 2 models I have (the blue and the one with the red collar) are really well cut and the material is really confortable. »

An advice for riders

« With my young age, I can give as an advice than with determination and conviction, we can achieve everything. »

A best memory with the horses

« When I obtained my 3rd place at the AS2D France Championship with Vaughann. »